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  • to raise and breed healthy, friendly and children loving dogs
  • to have new bloodlines

I`m Moa Viljanen the owner of kennel MVLionwolf. This kennel name was registered in year 2000. My first Rhodesian Ridgeback was Corleo´s My Fair Lady "Lady", which was imported from Sweden year 1995. Year 2000 in the spring the first litter at our kennel was born to Lady.

As it comes to me I have had dogs all of my life and I´ve also had a pet store for 8 years, studied animal nursing, dog homeopathic, obedience training and dog and cat boarding house keeping.

In our kennel we have rare pedigree dogs:

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Cane Corso
  • Saarloos Wolfhond
  • Prazsky Krysarik

Our dogs will get used to family life from the very start. We consider all our pets as members of our family from the birth.

Thank you for taking interest in our kennel, a kennel where animals and people are treated same rights and values!

Greetings from Kennel MVLionwolf!

Owner Moa

Family: Larry, Oliver, Michelle, Nicole and Celine

Dogs: Cia, Kiche, Candy and O-Magic

Horses: Kalle, Zigge and Lola

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